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original compositions and arrangements by Anne Ku

Last updated: 12 March 2008

You have arrived here by invitation.

I seek feedback for my work. That's how I improve. That's what I learned from writing my Bon Journal entries and energy industry articles as well as other published work. The contents of this section is intended for comment and feedback only, not for distribution. Please be kind enough to oblige. Thanks in advance.

I am currently getting musicians to study and rehearse my chamber opera Culture Shock! which will be premiered on 2 June 2008 in Utrecht

Please contact me immediately if you cannot hear the midi or mp3 files or cannot open the PDF files. They should all work on the Mac.

Piano lessons, didactical work, recitals for my piano students in the Monument House Concert Series , articles on music

Anne Ku, composer

Next performances of my work:

Friday 18 April 2008 at 8 pm Kikker Theatre, Utrecht
Monday 2 June 2008 at 8 pm Utrecht Conservatory Main Concert Hall

Works listed in reverse chronological order:

Ave Maria for alto and piano, premiered 9 February 2008 in Rotterdam and performed in Utrecht on 18 Feb 2008

Elegy for ensemble , string quintet, and solo piano, 18 January 2008, premiered 2 Feb 2008 and again 15 Feb 2008 in Utrecht

Culture Shock! Jam for rock quartet: keyboards, electric guitar, 4-string bass, and drum set, full and part scores, mp3 sound files 16 January 2008

New Culture Shock! including new song Dames en Heren and others, scores and midi files 13 December 2007

Arrangement of Ding Dong Merrily on High for violin, guitar, and piano recording was broadcasted on Maui radio station on 27 December 2007

Arrangement of Beatle's Yesterday for ensemble of piano, violin, cello, clarinet in Bb, soprano sax, alto sax, and baritone sax, first from own piano arrangement (2 page pdf) October 2007

Five on One - five composers on one piano, for six hands, sightread and premiered in Cortona, Italy July 2007 Three on One (PDF, 196 KB)

Arrangements for harp: Jasmine Flower and Flower Drum Song, June 2007 (after several months of learning to play the harp)

Culture Shock! a chamber opera for baritone, alto, soprano, harp, piano, ..... premiered Monday 21 May 2007 (DVD available by request)

Squeezing 8 Hands on One Piano - five pianists on a grand piano, premiered Saturday 24 March 2007, Wijkplaats, Johannes Camphuysstraat 101, Lombok, Utrecht

Echoes from the Past - spatial interludes for recorders and Baroque violin, premiered Saturday 24 February 2007, Nicolaikerk, Utrecht 8:30 pm

Chinese Songs -- arrangements

All Tuned Out: for ensemble of winds, strings, piano, harp, percussion - premiered Vredenburg Concert Hall, Utrecht Friday 16 February 2007 at 12:30 pm *22 Feb on Radio 4 !

Merry Go Round, for oboe (or flute, violin) and piano (beginner's) (1 page PDF)

Patchwork Impromptu: for violin and guitar, premiered by Duo46 in Cortona, Italy, July 2006

for 4-part choir: KYRIE and Sonnet III (words written when I was 17!)

K Y R I E - 4-part choir soprano, alto, tenor, bass; piano reduction; string quartet arrangement (April 2006) - premiered 20 Nov 2006 *** MP3 available since 10 Feb 2007

Opera Extracte: The Jetsetter - alto recorder, woodblock, mezzo soprano, harpsichord, violin, Baroque cello (February 2006) premiered March 2006

Fantasy on vibrating G strings : flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, tenor trombone, vibraphone, harp, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass (December 2005, performed February 2006)

Ostinatrio - 3 recorders (November 2005)

Sonata in g minor - piano or recorders and cello (November 2005)

Adieu to a Piano - piano (March 2005)

Opus 13 - piano (March 2005)

Toccata on an Elegy Theme - piano (March 2005)

Interval Scherzo - piano (November 2005, performed March 2005)

Canon in the Wind - violin and cello (May 2004, performed November 2004)

Encounter (ontmoeting) - violin and cello (finished November 2004)

Related musical activities:

Besides composing, I organise concerts, in particular the Monument House Concert Series which was launched in 2006 in Utrecht and the analyticalQ house concerts in London prior to 2003. I perform regularly with my piano guitar duo which has taken us to London, North Cyprus, Cape Town, Italy, and remote villages in the Netherlands. I am actively expanding my piano practice, by focussing the piano lessons on sightreading and duet playing and composing pieces for my students (Dutch, American, Italian, and Singaporean, age 8 to 71). I write articles about music, including previews and reviews. I create and manage websites for musicians. I'm actively involved in audience development, bringing new audiences to the classical music scene in the Netherlands. I introduce musicians to venue organisers and vice versa. I have recorded a CD of my original compositions, before I attended conservatory --- available on CD Baby. Currently I am giving a course called "Concerts and Concepts" in which my students organise a concert as their group project including researching and putting together the programme notes. I also give a career workshop for musicians at the Cortona Music Festival in Italy. More on the press page of my piano guitar duo website.

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