Cortona: Five on One
Antoine Francoise, a.k.a. Tony French, announced he was going to play a new piece by Anne Ku entitled “Five on One.” After the first few bars, Tom walked on stage and removed the piano stool. Thereafter Anne, Lan Chee, and Chris joined them standing to play this minimalist piece. That evening they waited for taxi’s to take them for their first planned group dinner at the top of the hill.
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Music for six hands on one piano by Anne Ku, performed (from bass to treble) by Tom Peterson, Anne Ku, Antoine Francoise, Lan Chee Lam, and Chris Williams, recorded live in Cortona, 17 July 2007
Robert, Brian, Marcela, Tom
Antoine, Tom, Chris, Sebastian
Brian with Robert’s glasses
Chris, Lan Chee, Antoine, Anne, Tom
Anne, Tom, Lan Chee, Chris, Antoine, and Donald
Waiting for a ride to the top of Cortona