Cortona: Under the Tuscan Sun
On Friday the 13th, the duo boarded a southbound train with fresh octopus salad, piccante sausage, bread, and red wine for lunch on board. They spotted a bearded young man with a suitbag at Camucia-Cortona train station. “He is probably going to the festival,” mused Anne. Eventually nicknamed Tony French, he joined them on the bus up a steep hill to the walled city of Cortona, home of movie “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Below are pictures of and from Hotel Oasi where they stayed for 10 days.
Lunch spot overlooking Camucia
The million dollar view
Too hot to lie in the sun
Tempting shade
Manicured gardens
Steps to Neumann hall
View of Beato Angelico hall
What lies beyond?
Blue hammocks for siesta
Beato Angelico terrace
View from the hotel
Where Robert mixes the sound
Three hours by train to Cortona