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  Guitar piano duo of Robert Bekkers and Anne Ku
Photo by Humphrey Daniels, Mariëngaerde/Mariënweide, Warmond, 30-11-08

In addition to original music written specifically for piano and guitar which we found through our travels and contacts, we regularly arrange popular works for our duo and invite outstanding composers to write for us. We enjoy custom-tailoring a programme to suit the occasion and audience, which have included improvisations for the opening of new exhibitions at art galleries, background music for gala events, weddings, memorial services, private house concerts, and concert series in churches, elderly homes and hospitals. We welcome new requests and suggestions.

We offer three full concert programmes for our audiences:
    • Traditional: 19th century golden age of the guitar
    • Contemporary: 20th and 21st century highlights (PDF)
    • Combination: from Vivaldi to the present (2010 PDF)

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Listen to our radio interview and preview of Winter CD
Handel, Vivaldi, de Falla, Giuliani + Hummel, van Dijk

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Piano guitar music listed in chronological order by composer

Antonio Vivaldi
(1678 - 1741)
You tube

Concerto in D Major RV93
Allegro Giusto

Summer from the Four Seasons
(arr. R. Bekkers)
on Bekkers CD Summer

Winter from the Four Seasons (arr. R. Bekkers)
on KUHF Front Row interview

Johann Sebastian Bach
You tube

Badinerie from 2nd Orchestral Suite
(arranged by R. Bekkers)

George Frideric Handel
(1685 - 1759)

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from the Oratorio Solomon
(arranged by R. Bekkers)
on KUHF Front Row interview

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(1756 - 1791)

You tube

Adagio from Piano Concerto K488 (arr. R. Bekkers)

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik
(arr. R. Bekkers)
on Bekkers CD Summer

Johannes Andreas Amon

You tube

Serenade Op. 123 No. 1
Fernando Carulli
(1770 - 1841)
Sonata No. 1 Op. 21
Rondo Allegretto
Listen to audio clip of Carulli's Sonata No. 2
Sonata No. 2 Opus 21
Thema Larghetto
Variazione Sopra un Tema del Flauto magico di Mozart by Beethoven, op. 169
Gran Duo Opus 70
Andante con Variazioni
Joseph Kuffner
Rondo Opus 46
Andante poco Adagio
Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Listen to a sample from Hummel's Potpourri

Potpourri op. 53
(on famous opera Themes)
on Bekkers CD Summer

Grand Potpourri National
(on national anthems from 1818)
joint work with Mauro Giuliani)
on KUHF Front Row interview

Mauro Giuliani
Variationen Opus 113 (65)
Theme & variations
(on Bekkers CD Summer)
You tube

Rondo 1 in A major

Rondo 2 in B minor

with Ignaz Moscheles
(1794 - 1870)
Duo Concertant Op. 85
with J.N. Hummel
Grand Potpourri National
Op. 93
on KUHF Front Row interview
Anton Diabelli
(1781 - 1858)
Sonatina Op. 68
Carl Maria von Weber
Divertimento Opus 38
Andante con Moto
Andante con Variazioni
Luigi Legnani (guitar)
(1790 - 1877)

with Maximilian Joseph Leidesdorf (piano)
(1787 - 1840)

Variations Concertantes sur un theme original de Rossini
Pietro Pettoletti
(1800 - 1870)
Duettino pour Guitare et Piano sur un air de la Somnambule de Bellini
J.A.Nuske Souvenir de l'Opera, no. 6 Figaro, de Mozart
Francesco Castelli La Sonnambula (Bellini)
Charles Eulenstein
(1802 - 1890)
Love's Ritornella
Johann Kaspar Mertz
(1806 - 1856)
Mazurka op. 40
  Einsiedlers Waldglocklein
  Wasserfahrt am Traunsee
Wilhelm Neuland
(1806 - 1889)
Non Piu Mesta
Frederic Chopin
(1810 - 1849)
Romance Larghetto (2nd movement) of Piano Concerto in E minor
(arr. Bekkers)
Manuel de Falla
(1876 - 1946)
Danse Espagnole from opera La Vida Breve
(Bekkers/Ku adaptation of F. Kreisler version for piano and violin)
Daniel Fortea
(1878 - 1953)
Vals y Mazurca arranged by
Erik Otte

Manuel M. Ponce
(1882 - 1948)
Listen to audio cilp of Ponce's Sonata

Sonata for Guitar & Harpsichord

Federico Moreno-Torroba
(1891 - 1982)


on Bekkers CD Summer

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
(1895 - 1968)
Listen to audio clip 
in 2 movements
Hans Haug
(1900 - 1967)
Listen to audio clip of Haug Fantasia
Joaquín Rodrigo
(1901 - 1999)
Concerto de Aranjuez (1939)
  Fantasia para un gentilhombre (1954)
on Bekkers CD Summer
John Duarte
(1919 - 2004)
Gerald Schwertberger
(b. 1941)
Cuatro Piezas Para Dos
4 movements
Listen to audio clip of Schwertberger's Happy Hour Sandwich Happy Hour Sandwich
Sauce Tartare
Potato Rag
Romance Sentimentale
Salsa Brasiliera
Henk Alkema
(b. 1944)
Listen to audio clip of Alkema's Sailor Talk
Sailor Talk (2007)
Jacob ter Veldhuis
(b. 1951)
Trio (1990)
Chiel Meijering
(b. 1954)
'n Dame scheert haar benen (A lady shaves her legs) (1981)
for guitar and harpsichord

Gijs van Dijk
(b. 1954)

Short video clips of Ro de la Plata

Abstract and Dance (2007) for piano and guitar
on KUHF Front Row interview

Rendering 7 (2008) for violin, guitar, piano trio
Erik Otte
(b. 1955)

Listen to audio clip of Otte's Candombe from Suite Rio de la Plata Short video clips of Ro de la Plata
Suite Rio de la Plata (2004)
Milonga andante mesto
Danza de la vispera, allegro giusto
Danza de la pareja enamorada, lento ma non troppo
Candombe del amor recuperado, allegro giusto
Marcela Pavia
(b. 1957)
Kuntur (2008)
Allan Segall
(b. 1959)
Listen to audio clip of Segall
When Bach, Stravinsky and The Who Met (2005)
David Harvey
(b. 1959)

Little Suite:

  1. Three Parts Run Aground
    homage to Purcell (2005)
  2. It Takes Two (More) (2007)
  3. Floating
  4. Russian Dance
Joke Kegel
(b. 1960)
Seven Haikus (2010)
David Dramm
(b. 1961)
Post Zero Roll (2007)
Heleen Verleur
(b. 1964)
Listen to audio clip of Lam's Drizzle
Fire from The Five Elements (2007)
Lan-Chee Lam
(b. 1982)
Listen to audio clip of Lam's Drizzle
Drizzle (2007)

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