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Manuel Maria Ponce

Manuel Maria Ponce
(1882 - 1948)

Born into a musical family, Ponce began taking piano lessons from his sister. He continued his studies under Puccini's teacher in Bologna where he also met Torchi who influenced him in pursuing a career as an editor and musicologist much later in life. On his second visit to Europe he studied under Paul Dukas.

According to the celebrated Spanish guitarist Segovia, Ponce as a composer had the greatest influence on the revival of the guitar repertory and the reinstatement of the guitar as a concerto instrument.

Ponce was a nationalist Mexican composer and pianist who wrote far more works for guitar and piano than any other instrument. His Sonata was originally written for guitar and harpsichord.

Manuel Maria Ponce


Anne Ku and Robert Bekkers piano guitar duo
Photo credit: Nick Kuskin, Colet House, Hammersmith, London April 2003

1st movement: Allegro

2nd movement: Largo

3rd movement: Allegro

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