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Robert Bekkers plays a 2005 Hilhorst concert guitar, custom-designed for the duo.

When interviewed for this website, the Amsterdam-based luthier Jeroen Hilhorst said, "The design of the guitar is 150 years old and modern research shows that the design is very inefficient. Over the years I have found ways to eliminate the most important inefficiencies. This has resulted in a guitar with a powerful and beautiful tone, that can be an equal partner for the piano."


Hilhorst guitar on Steinway grand
Jeroen Hilhorst guitar on Steinway Grand at Monument House Utrecht

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Introduced by the late Houston-based composer and pianist Robert Avalon, Anne Ku and Robert Bekkers met in Amsterdam in March 2001. The first piece they found and played together was Concerto in D by Vivalvi arranged for harpsichord and guitar. Since then, they have searched the world for original music written for piano and guitar. Their concerts on modern instruments have inspired new composers to write for this combination.

Home concerts - including original compositions and arrangements involving local artists and the community - London, Houston, Netherlands

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Monument House Concert Series sharing our private space and musicians network with the public, founded in 2006

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