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Steinway to Heaven Welkom Fest

After searching high and low for a grand piano in the Netherlands, Anne Ku decided to buy the best -- a 1909 Steinway A188 built in New York. Her friend Nicola said that Steinways of this era are like gold dust. It is currently being restored in a piano workshop north of Amsterdam.

To welcome this Ace of Spades, you are invited to a Welkom Fest. The voicing and regulation expert André Oorebeek will give a short talk about this Rolls Royce of pianos. There will also be heavenly music and food.

In case the neighbours object, the doors will open early, from 4 pm, with the music beginning at 5 pm.

Does anyone have fun piano duets --- or even duets for 6 or 8 hands? If you're a pianist, you won't be able to resist trying out the restored ivory keys and new strings!

Robert Bekkers will play the classic Stairway to Heaven on guitar for the audience to sing to Anne's parody Steinway to Heaven. Among the pianists who will play are Heleen Verleur , Allan Segall , and Rie Tanaka.

This is a very special event --- the first private home concert in this end-of-terrace house which has been under renovation since October 2002.

A variety of tapas and sangria will be served. And the soiree will run well after the sun sets. So do stay for dancing!

Invitation card designed by Robert Bekkers
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Background music: Intermezzo (Allan Segall, 1998) performed by Anne Ku