How to get to the Monument House Utrecht
updated 25 June 2011

Keulsekade 25
3531 JX Utrecht
Tel: 030 291 0214

By train to Utrecht Centraal Station, then walk (20 min) or cycle or bus/taxi (10 min) through Lombok via Kanaalstraat or along canals to the west. The house is located between the popular Kanaalzicht Kafe at the corner of Groeneweg and Keulsekade and the thrift shop (charity shop) called "Emmaus" close to the "Laan van Nieuwe Guinea" bus stop. Note: Keulsekade is next to a long canal and our section is a dead-end street.

Note: Lombok is probably the most famous area in the 2,000 year old cobbled-stoned city of Utrecht. In the 1990's it became headline news in the Netherlands for successful multi-cultural integration.

By foot from Utrecht Centraal Station, walk in direction of increasing platform numbers and exit on the Jaarbeurs Beatrix Theatre side. Go north, crossing traffic and you can choose to turn immediate left for the longer but scenic route, to walk along the canal (on your right hand side) or, for the shorter route through shops, turn (a bit later) left onto Kanaalstraat and left onto Groeneweg to the end, and the right onto Keulsekade.

For the scenic and longer route, if you walk along the canal you will soon see a windmill on the other side and the National Mint Museum, or MUNT in Dutch, on the left (same side as street). Cross the bridge ahead and then the one on the right which passes by the Oog in Al park. And then turn right onto a much bigger pedestrian/cyclist bridge which leads you to the popular pub/cafe. 20 minutes.

By bus from Utrecht Centraal Station, bus number 4 (six per hour during office hours in the week) in direction of Cartesiusweg through Lombok and get off after the bridge and the only church (on left) at Laan van Nieuwe Guinea, cross the street, walk towards the canal and then to your left along the canal. It's two strips on the "strippenkaart" (from any KIOSK at the station, cheaper & more convenient for all bus, metro, tram in the country - and many people can share one such ticket) or 1.60 euro to the bus driver. 10 minutes.

There are other buses that stop on the next parallel road north from here: 5, 39, 28, 37. Get off at Van Koetsveldstraat and walk forward then cross the road to go south on Groeneweg until the end which intersects Keulsekade. It's the second house on the right.

By taxi from Utrecht Centraal station, be sure to walk to the Beatrix Theatre or Jaarbeurs exit of the train station (increasing platform numbers) - i.e. due west. It should cost 7.50 euros. There is a maximum fare of euro 12.50 from the station to anywhere in Utrecht. Be sure to mention the Groeneweg end of Keulsekade otherwise the taxi driver may take you to the other end and cost much more!

By car on A2 motorway, exit Oog in Al, after the bridge, pass the Douwe Egberts coffee factory and the GAMMA home improvement store. At the junction facing a huge church, cross over to Vleutensweg and then turn right into Groeneweg heading south. This street hits Keulsekade at its end, where you will see a pedestrian/cyclist bridge over the canal. There's a popular local pub Kafe Kanaalzicht at the corner on your left. You want to turn right onto Keulsekade, parallel to the canal, and the house is the second one there: number 25. This is a dead end street.

Since April 2011, it is no longer FREE to park in the area. Monday to Saturday 9 am to 9 pm, euro 2.29 per hour to park (use your debit card in the machines.)

The house is on the same street, minutes away from the famous second-hand store Emmaus and near the Oog in Al park. Try and type the postal code: 3531JX. Or use 9292ov or google maps.

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